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Corn Dogs

Our grandson loves Master Chef Junior, and a couple of years ago, the kids' first cooking challenge was a corn dog cooking challenge.  After watching the show, my husband looked over and said that we had to make corn dogs with our grandson the following weekend.  So, off to the grocery store Friday night to pick up turkey franks and yellow cornmeal so we would be ready. 

Saturday morning, we were off to the soccer fields to watch his game.  After the game and hugs to his mom and dad, we loaded his stuff in our car and headed home for him to spend the rest of the weekend with us.  Once back at our house, Pops and I explained that we were going to have corn dogs for lunch, but first we would have to make them from scratch just like they did on Master Chef Junior.   

So, with apron on, he and Pops went to the kitchen to get started.

They measured and mixed the dry ingredients first and then added the egg and milk, giving the mixture several good stirs to combine well.  Next, they had t…

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