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Best Ever Cinnamon Rolls

This weekend I made what I consider the "best ever" cinnamon rolls.  My husband and I both agree they are so much better than Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.  

My grandmother, who we call "Mamo" bless her heart (more on that later), turned 96 this month.  She lives with my aunt and is surrounded by my aunt and uncle, cousins and second cousins.  It is always a blessing to visit and just watch all of the family around her.  Her sight and hearing may be failing, but her spirit and sweet tooth are still very strong -- hence the need for the cinnamon rolls and it touched my heart to see her enjoy her cinnamon roll.

Before we get to the cinnamon rolls, a little about Mamo.  We call her Mamo because as the story goes, she wanted to be called grandmother, but my sister (the first grandchild) could not say grandmother; it somehow came out as Mamo.  Over the years it was shortened; so most of the time, everyone refers to her as "Mo" which is why I say bless her heart.  She…

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