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Emily's First Quilt Sampler

If you've visited my Etsy shop, you may have seen Emily's Camo Baby Quilt pattern which is a camo and chenille baby quilt that I designed for this young lady many years ago.  Emily is my niece and let me say, I am so very proud of this young lady. 

Emily has taken an interest in baking and quilting and wanted to make her own quilt.  Don't you know that made my day - those of some of my favorite things!

I told Emily I would love to help her make her first quilt, but first she needed to know that this was not something that we would complete in one day.  Sewing is a great skill to know and I was excited that I was going to get to teach her.

I designed some blocks and printed out my proposed design for her approval and then met her and her mom at JoAnn's for fabric shopping.  Emily knew what colors she wanted and her mom and I both loved her color selection.

We met over the next few weekends to practice sewing and begin our block construction.  Since she wanted to lear…

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